Who Qualifies

  • Who qualifies? Anyone over the age of 60 qualifies, regardless of income or health. Anyone under the age of 60 must be recovering and rehabilitating from an illness, injury or surgery.
  • What is the cost? Cost for the program is $8 per day which provides two meals, a hot meal and a bag lunch.   In addition a quart of milk is provided once a week.
  • Flexibility of service: Meals can be provided as many days a week as needed. Some customers receive meals daily while others only get meals 2-3 times per week.  Weekend hot meals can be provided and come to the client frozen and are microwavable.   If you have to call off for an unexpected appointment just call us by 9 AM.
    • Food can be left with neighbors but we cannot leave food in coolers or at the front door.
    • Food is picked up daily and provided by Trader Joes. It is prepared fresh by our cook.
    • Food restrictions can be considered.
    • How do I pay for my food?Volunteers usually pick up checks on Mondays, however other arrangements can be made for monthly payments or payments can be made with credit cards through Square.